Do you have a complaint?

The GZA (Healthcare for Asylum Seekers) strives for the best possible care provision and patient experience. But it can happen that you have a complaint about something. If this is the case, we would like to hear about it so that we can improve GZA's care. We treat your complaint confidentially and your personal details will not be made known. Your complaint will therefore never affect your asylum procedure.

How do you make your complaint known?

If you have a complaint about your contact with a GZA healthcare provider, it is best to talk to that specific person. Your care provider will always listen to you and help you find a solution.

If you prefer not to talk to your care provider, or you do not agree, you can make your complaint known to us via the form below. This can be done in English or Dutch.


Need help with filling in the form? 

Do you need help with filling in the form? Your family may be able to help you. Also, the Vluchtelingenwerk (Council for Refugees) or a COA (Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers) employee at your location can help you with this.


The handling of your complaint

We will contact you within a maximum of five working days. In consultation with you, the GZA regional manager will look at the options for resolving your complaint. If necessary, your file will be examined, inquiries may be made with the relevant care provider, or telephone recordings may be listened to. A medically related complaint is always discussed with the medical director.


Step 2: Mediation by the complaints officer

If you do not agree with us, you can discuss your complaint with an independent and impartial complaints officer. Everything you tell the complaints officer is confidential. This complaints officer can act as a mediator in your complaint, but can also inform you about the complaints procedure, answer questions, or guide you in making a written complaint.


Step 3: External complaints procedure

If you cannot resolve the matter with the health centre or through mediation by the complaints officer, you can request a decision about your complaint from the Disputes Committee. The decision of the Disputes Committee is binding. For more information, view the website of the SKGE (Primary Healthcare Complaints and Disputes Committee).