Coronavirus announcement

For up-to-date information on the Coronavirus and its spreading we recommend the following organizations: 

  • Check the website of the RIVM for the current status on the Coronavirus. 
  • Check the website Thuisarts for all information on the Coronavirus. There's also a video which explains the Coronavirus in detail. (Notice this website is only available in Dutch)
  • For questions you can contact the public-information number of the government 0800 - 1351


Health complaints? Our healthcare center is reachable by telephone

The expectation is that the precautions taken in healthcare will be applied for a longer time. Maybe you would like to discuss if you can postpone a visit for your health complaints or maybe you would like to talk to a healthcare worker? Contact the healthcare center. You can find the phone numbers on this page.

Precautions in our healthcare center

  • To reduce the contamination risk for you and for us, contact with our healthcare center primarily takes place via telephone or video call. Our healthcare workers only see patients at the healthcare center when physical examination is necessary.
  • At our healthcare center we have established special Coronavirus office hours where patients who have difficulty breathing or have similar complaints can come. These office hours take place at separate times in our healthcare center. This way, when you visit our healthcare center for a non-Corona related complaint, you cannot come in contact with a possibly Corona contaminated patient.
  • When necessary, the nurse specialist (praktijkondersteuner) will reach out by telephone or video call with patients who have a chronic disease like diabetes, heart and vascular disease or lung disease.


Possible contamination

If you suspect that you have the Coronavirus, it's important that you do not come to the healthcare center to prevent further contamination. 

  • Stay at home if you have one of the following symptoms: cold, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, difficulty breathing, fever (both below and above 38 degrees). For these complaints you do not have to contact the healthcare center or be tested. Stay at home until the complaints disappear for at least 24 hours. Call our healthcare center if you become sicker or if you have more trouble breathing.
  • Are you older than 70 or do you have a chronic disease? Immediately call our healthcare center if you have fever (above 38 degrees) and cough or have difficulty breathing.

WHO Health Alert

The WHO (World Health Organization) has made a WhatsApp with information on the Coronavirus. Currently this WhatsApp is available in English, Arabic, French and Spanish. Soon more languages will be available like Chinese and Russian. The WHO Health Alert is available by texting 'hi' to the WhatsApp number  +41 798 931 892. You can use this service for free.