Travelling to a healthcare provider

Have you been referred to a healthcare provider outside GZA (Healthcare for Asylum Seekers) ? Then you can travel there on foot, by bike, or by public transport. A COA (Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers) employee at your location can help you with this.

Public Transport

Is the journey to the healthcare provider further than 10 kilometres? Then the COA reimburses the travel costs. Please contact the COA for this.


If, for medical reasons, you are unable to travel independently to a care provider, you may travel by taxi. GZA (Healthcare for Asylum Seekers), or another healthcare provider, decides whether you are entitled to a taxi.

Confirmation of the taxi journey

If GZA refers you to a healthcare provider and gives you permission to travel to that healthcare provider by taxi, then GZA will arrange for the taxi to pick you up. You do not have to call the Praktijklijn yourself. You can collect a confirmation of the taxi journey at the reception desk in your COA location. The date and time when the taxi is coming to pick you up will be stated on this journey confirmation. Take the journey confirmation and your healthcare pass to the healthcare provider you are going to visit. The healthcare provider can use the information on the journey confirmation to order a taxi to bring you back to the COA location.

The taxi journey

The taxi will come and pick you up at the reception desk (unless a different pick-up location has been agreed). It may be that the taxi is a little earlier or later than the agreed time. Therefore, make sure you are at reception 15 minutes before the agreed time. If the taxi does not arrive at the agreed time, then wait at least 15 minutes. When you return to the COA location, it may take a little longer for the taxi to come and pick you up from the healthcare provider. It can take an hour sometimes.

Extra passengers

You may bring one companion or child with you. Notify GZA about this in advance, when you request the taxi. GZA  will notify the driver how many passengers are coming.


In the case of an urgent medical problem when GZA  is closed, you can reach the Praktijklijn via telephone number 088 – 112 2 112. The Praktijklijn will then decide how you can get to the healthcare provider.

Please note

If you no longer need the taxi, please call the Praktijklijn (088 – 112 2 112). GZA will cancel the taxi.