Call the Praktijklijn (GZA Hotline)

If you have a medical question, you can visit GZA on your COA location or call the Praktijklijn (GZA Hotline) via 088 – 112 2 112. You can reach the Praktijklijn 24 hours a day for medical emergencies. Besides that you can call the Praktijklijn from Monday until Friday between 8:30 and 17:00h to make an appointment, for instance.

When you call the Praktijklijn (GZA Hotline), it is practical to have your COA (Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers) client number at hand. You will now hear an options menu. If you select an option, it will be easier for us to help you. Whenever necessary, we will use an interpreter. The Praktijklijn staff features doctor’s assistants, who can always consult a general practitioner. The doctor’s assistant will help you with your question or problem. If necessary, they will make an appointment with a healthcare provider for you. Whenever you are forwarded to a different healthcare provider, the Praktijklijn (GZA Hotline) will make an appointment for you with the healthcare provider in question. You will receive an SMS or email with the time and date of the appointment. 

What to do in case of emergency?

Is there a life-threatening situation, or do you need quick medical attention? Then you can call the Praktijklijn (GZA Hotline) on 088 – 112 2 112. Press 1 in case of emergency. The Praktijklijn employees will help you as quickly as possible. Only choose 1 in case of medical emergencies. In other situations, we ask you to keep listening to the tape. 

Dentist line

Do you have serious tooth and/or chewing aches? Call the dentist line via 088 - 112 2 132. The dentist line can help you to make an appointment with a dentist, if necessary. You can reach the dentist line from Monday until Friday between 8.30 (8.30 AM) and 17.00 (5 PM). 

Video Calls with the Praktijklijn

It is now possible to make video calls with the Praktijklijn, through the GZA app. Here you can ask all your medical questions. They will be answered by a medical assistent who can always, if necessary, consult a doctor.

What can you use the GZA app for?

Video calls are used for medical questions and for medical emergencies.

What can you NOT use the GZA app for?

You cannot discuss non-medical subjects through video calls. It is not possible to make an appointment or order a taxi through a video call. For that type of questions you still call the regular Praktijklijn. 

What do you need?

To make a video call you need an device that is connected to the internet, such as a phone or a tablet. The device must also have a microphone, a screen and a camera. You also need your COA care number. 

How does making a video call work?

  1. Download the GZA app on your device from the Appstore (Apple) or the Playstore (Android).
  2. Create a GZA account using your COA care number.
  3. Login using your account.
  4. Choose one of two options:
    • Emergencies
    • Medical questions
  5. You will now be connected to the Praktijklijn.