International proof of vaccination or recovery

As of March 2022 GZA can no longer provide Dutch proofs of COVID-vaccinations. These are no longer used in The Netherlands. We can still provide you with an international proof of COVID-vaccination or recovery for use in other countries. There are different ways in which you can apply for an international proof of your vaccination or a proof of recovery:


he best way to get a proof of your COVID-vaccinations or proof of recovery is through the CoronaCheck-app. To do this, you will need the following:

  • A smartphone
  • A BSN-nummer
  • A DigiD-account
  • You need to have given permission for sharing your vaccination information with the RIVM

Download the app on

Paper proof of vaccination or proof of recovery

If getting the proof of vaccination through the CoronaCheck-app is not possible for you, you can apply for a paper proof.
In that case, please fill in the form below.

Or ask the COA or GZA for a paper form. After completing it, you can hand it back to them.

You will receive your proof of vaccination or proof of recovery in a letter, within 21 days of your application. It will be sent to you through the post.

Did you receive a vaccination outside of the AZC (asylum centre)? Please add a copy or photo that serves as proof of your vaccination. For example, a registration card of the GGD with stickers.


GZA can only provide a proof of vaccination if you received at least one vaccination in The Netherlands. If you have received all your vaccinations in another country GZA is by law prohibited from giving you a proof of vaccination. More information can be found on this website of the Dutch government.

GZA can only provide a proof of recovery if you have been tested positive on COVID with a PCR-test in The Netherlands